Welcome Back!

Hello Eastshore Region!

Please mark your calendar now for our first general membership meeting of the school year:

Monday September 24th – 4:30-6:00pm – Lake Hills Library Meeting Room in Bellevue

If you did not attend the Festival Host Meeting at the end of last year and you are hosting a festival this year, you MUST attend the Festival Host meeting immediately following our general meeting:

Monday September 24th – 6:00-6:30pm – Lake Hills Library Meeting Room in Bellevue

  • Please check the Eastshore website to see if you and your colleagues’ contact information is up to date and correct. If there are any mistakes, please email me back with the corrections ASAP! https://eastshoremusic.org/members/
  • On the documents page of the website you will find an updated Eastshore Calendar for this year. This is our most up to date calendar document at this time. Remember, some schools are hosting events “outside of the festival rotation,” so please refer to the calendar for WHO is hosting a festival in addition to when they are hosting it! Be sure to mark all these important dates in your calendar now! https://eastshoremusic.org/documents/
  • The “annual festival invoice” is also up on the documents section of the website. Please fill that out and start the payment process ASAP!
  • Don’t forget All-NW audition materials are now available on the WMEA website: https://www.wmea.org/
    • All NW (High School) closes October 3rd
    • Junior All-State (7-8) closes October 4th
    • Youth All-State Choir (5-6) closes October 2nd

If you have news you can share for the “news from around the state,” please shoot that my way over email ASAP as well. If you have a new teacher at your school, maybe take a picture of your new “team” and share a few pieces of information about them and what they’ll be teaching. Let me know if you did anything cool with your groups over the summer. Of let me know if you’ll be doing anything exciting coming up, or any guest clinicians you’ll be having. ANYTHING you can think of that would be fun to share about, send it my way. Pictures are always fun, too, if you have them!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up!

All the best,