2020 Updates Rolling Out!

You may notice that we’re working on improving the website for the region. Your feedback and thoughts are welcome – contact board@eastshoremusic.org to get a hold of the board anytime! You can also contact treasurer@eastshoremusic.org to reach both of our treasurers.

We have made browsing all of our digital documentation easier and more up-to-date than ever. You can now see all of our region’s documents in one place by checking this convenient Google drive link, also linked above in the Documents page found in the main navigation. If you see something missing you are hoping to find in there, let us know.

We are also working to fully update our regional contact information to include all members in our region. This includes our K-5 colleagues as well! If you notice we’re missing anyone or you see any errors on our Contact pages, please send an email to board@eastshoremusic.org and we’ll set it right.

Finally, you may notice that the 2020-2021 High School and Middle School events, as well as all General Meetings (including all region membership) as well as our Executive Board Meetings, have been added to the Events Calendar page. Some may find it more convenient to access this information on the web page than on the online .PDF of our year long calendar.

Thanks everyone, and have a great start to your year!
– Eastshore Executive Board